Baumart Holdings Limited

Case Studies

Our case studies are a testament to the success of our investment strategies and our commitment to helping our clients achieve their financial goals. 
Each case study highlights a real-world example of how we have helped clients grow their wealth and manage their assets in a disciplined, results-driven manner. 
From individual investors to businesses and financial institutions, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized 
investment solutions that meet those needs.


West African Diamond Mine

What can BMH do for a new up and coming diamond player operating in an uncertain environment against the big diamond global players ?

We build connections.

We sourced technical expertise and design, bridged procurement capabilities, provided funding and delivered cost effective solutions to ensure that the new mines operates efficiently and effectively.
In West Africa, BMH is now up against some of the biggest players in the industrial mining sector and we have proven track records to evidence that a BMH solution and connections works for our partners
Through this connection, BMH is now charting new path of growth in the mining sector in the African continent.


Glass Processing Plant

How do you operate a capital and technical intensive manufacturing operations in a developed market where specification demands are rigorous but volume is limited?

We build connections.

BMH entrusted a state-of-the-art glass converting technology to our operating partners who are global experts, made a financial commitment to align our interests and basically let our expert partners do their operating magic.
BMH also enabled our joint-operation to move to an upstream processes to derive further value to our manufacturing operations by facilitating and funding M&A plays and expanding our network even further.
Through this connection, BMH has been invited to partake and is currently undertaking studies to build a new plant for a new Capital City formation in the region.


Industrial Washers

What can BMH do for an established company with a great IP but operating in a saturated market where growth has slowed ?

​We build connections.

BMH has invested and brought on new partners to introduce the product in a new developing market where there is clear untapped demand and limited competition. At the same time, a new B2C format is being introduced to tap its burgeoning demographics by introducing new applications for its products to the retail market.

As we reach new economies of scale, new setups are being planned to bring more cost efficiencies as we move into new territories. Through this connection, BMH will enlarge its footprint towards the more dynamic B2C space in addition to the B2B space.