Where is BauMart Holdings Limited listed and what is the ticker symbol?

BauMart Holdings Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the ASX Code “BMH”. View BauMart’s Company Information page on the ASX.

Who is the share registrar for BauMart Holdings Limited?

Advanced Share Registry is the share registrar for BauMart Holdings Limited. You can find their contact details at Advancedshare.com

Managing your BauMart shareholding

You can view current information regarding your BauMart shareholding on the Advanced Share Registry website at Advancedshare.com You will need to identify yourself as a shareholder by entering information listed on your holding statement. If you have any questions about your holding statements, please contact the share registrar. Please note that charges may apply if you require replacement copies of your holding statement.

How can I change my address details?

If you are an Issuer Sponsored Shareholder (identified by a Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) on your holding statement) there are a number of ways you can update your address:

  • Online (Individual Shareholders) – log on to your shareholding through www.advancedshare.com.au and choose “Update Address” from the menu.

  • In writing (Joint or Company Shareholders) – download and complete the Change of Address form and return it to the share registry

Whether you update your details by post or online, you will receive a confirmation from the share registry.

If you are a CHESS Sponsored Shareholder (identified by a HIN on your holding statement or CHESS sponsored statements), you should contact your broker to update the address for you.

How can I obtain an Annual Report?

BauMart does not circulate printed copies of its Annual Report unless specifically requested by a shareholder or potential investors. If you are a shareholder and you wish to receive hard copies of the Annual Report you need to update your Shareholder profile with Advanced Share Registry at  www.advancedshare.com.au. Electronic copies of all current and previous annual reports are available online. Interested parties can contact BauMart on info@baumart.com.au to request a hard copy.